1. Yes Germans are good architects 😀

  2. so pretty and interesting, i’d like to go there, too… 😉

    • Thank you! If the opportunity arises, please go to see the architecture.

      • yes, maybe. we have somebody in the family who lives in that city. yes, maybe… it looks spectacular from this end. you photograph the place really well. 😉

      • I’m very glad!
        This architecture is the Diet Building in Berlin which I visited during the summer vacation two years ago. This spiral slope is very attractive, and from there, we can look out the Berlin city while circling movements.

      • wow, their congress or parliament building is that nice? i studied the reichtag and the bundestag (the two chambers of the German parliament) in college, ahaha. their architecture is quite interesting ‘no? and your post, wonderful… regards. 😉

      • Oh, really? That’s great!
        This glass dome was built on the roof of the German parliament about in 1999. Since I actually saw this architecture, didn’t saw those chambers. Therefore I cannot judge the virtue of them…sorry.

      • yes, i happened to study comparative european politics and comparative european governments in college. i still remember bits and pieces, ahaha. and our oldest grandniece is german on the motherside, she lives there and comes over to the phils every july of the year. but she’s a kid, does not tell stories about architecture and such, no. ^^

        btw, the french people also have a similar buliding, i guess. i have seen it in pics. but it was built earlier. the german building looks better, i suppose. a little grander, haha. 🙂 regards…

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