object : cloud
date : 2012/06/30
photo by akanedou

_absorb  (proportion/4:3)


_hidden  (proportion/4:3)


_overlay  (proportion/4:3)


_silence  (proportion/4:3)

The depth of space is produced by layout of clouds in sky landscape.
And sky expression becomes the completely different thing according to climate.
What atmosphere is the sky of your native land?






  1. hello… in the past few months, i’ve been taking pics of the sky in different parts of my country, at different hours. haha, they don’t come out half as good as your shots… but just seeing those clouds and taking pics of them already give me loads of cheers and plenty of wonders, yes… you take great shots. 😉

    • Hello.
      Thank you very much for your comment !! I’m very glad you tell me to that.
      I looked at your photographs of the sky which you took. I think they are very nice and beautiful.
      Especially I like your photograph of Gravatar. very impressive…
      Great beauty of nature gives us joy really.

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