new  museum_s=1:100

subject : new museum
works by akanedou








  1. These are so fascinating! Beautifully lit small spaces. Very calming.
    I know I’ve said it before but I do so love your aesthetic!

    • Many thanks, Karen! I’m really glad you say that…
      If I can design an art museum in the future, I will want you to look at it by all means.

  2. very interesting studies– the photographs seem to serve as entrances and exits of light, scale and space.

  3. いいですね。美しい美術館ができそうです。

    • ありがとうございます。大学時のものなので、図面などお見せするにはかなり恥ずかしい部分はあるのですが・・・ただ当時全力で取り組んでいたものなので、今改めて見直してみても意外に楽しめたりします。

  4. beautiful spaces, almost meditative vibe I feel !

    • I am sorry for the delay in my response.
      And thank you for your comment. I think that this space separated from the bustle of big cities makes the world of quiet appreciation.

  5. The one with the high band of shadows. Wow. Aside from any plans or future, these are spectacular and evocative all their own. Did you see the film Marwencol?

    • Thank you for your comment and visiting my blog! I’m very glad you say that.
      I intended to that the impression of those spaces changed with the effects of light at any time.
      Oh, I didn’t know the film Marwencol…Did you mean this?

      • Yes–It’s s story about a man with a miniature imaginary world– he takes pictures, and the pictures are art. You reminded me of him because you both imagine worlds and depict them artistically.

      • Many thanks for valuable information. I came to want to see his all works…and I was able to discover a possibility that my work had by knowing his world. Thank you, Anna.

  6. I wonder if you’ve heard about this If so, please excuse (it’s new to me and very exciting!) but if not, I hope it will give you more discoveries of possibilities.

    • Yes, I’ve heard “the 3D Printing”…but I didn’t know this site. Thank you!! Since I use 3D application at times, this is very nice information. I will be able to gain high selectivity of expression by using this technology.

  7. how gorgeous and dreamy! so unreal.

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