object : fireworks / ねぶた祭り
site : Aomori port in Aomori / 40°50′N 140°42′E
date : 2012/08/07
photographs by akanedou








  1. your cam captured the explosions rather well, haha. wionderful pics, as usual…

    hello, hope things are okey with you. regards… 😉

  2. settleandchase


  3. The first 3 photos look very attractive and nice composition. the color tuning are good too.

    • Thank you very much!
      It was very hard work for me to take photographs, because many people were around me…Although the tripod was not used, because of that I could capture the interesting scenes.

      • Cool, without tripod and able to get this good result.

      • I like your photographs of latest post in particular…These are amazing! Do you use the tripod for taking photographs well?

      • Nope, just feel lazy to bring tripod walk around, and the setup do take time too.
        Thank for the like. 🙂
        Look like you are art student? What course you taking, undergraduate?

      • I see…I think so too. And yet, that’s surprising for me because there is no camera shake in those photographs!
        I graduated from a post-graduate course and pursued the master of architecture. So the cause of which I began to take photographs is record of architectural spaces.

  4. 私のブログをフォローしていただいてありがとう。

    • おはようございます。

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