sky grey

object : cloud
date : 2012/09/02
photographs by akanedou








  1. Those are very fine photographs…very moody. I love them all!!!

  2. Very striking! I love your work.

  3. Reblogged this on Cardtales By The Lioness and commented:
    I used to take cloud pictures all the time when flying. These reminded me of fights in the past.

    • I’m sorry for the delay in my response…Thank you for your comment and liking my post!! I really appreciate you reblogged. And I’m very glad you feel so.

  4. i would like to be able to picture the clouds that way, one day… when there are pockets of sun rays shyly hiding but really aching to shine bright and bold, ahaha. regards to you… waving 😉

  5. ah, thanks for the flickr image – splendid, serene and magical. yes, like angels will be coming out… real photographers capture nature’s beauty, ahaha.

    i have many photos of the sky on my cellphone – the horizon’s transformation amaze me. i’ve done a few essays about the subject… 😉 you keep on taking pics, please do.

    • I think so that…I have to take my hat off to their predictive ability and patience.
      Since I am poor at English, it is going to take a little longer time for me to grasp the meaning of sentence…but I’d like to read your essay very much!

  6. I love the aura that flickers throughout each photograph, really. The grey contrasting with the white clouds and how it is seen throughout all three is very striking. It actually reminds me of the scene in the movie Pride and Prejudice, where Elizabeth was crying in the carriage after she found at Lydia had eloped. Gorgeous. xx

    • Oh…Thank you so much for your beautiful words! I’m very honorable to arouse your memory and feeling with these photographs….So, I consider the fragment of someone’s memory and the image as an opportunity which arouses it. Since I’ve not seen the movie Pride and Prejudice, I’d like to watch!
      Have a nice day!

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