reflection + refraction_02



This is an architecture like a vast landscape.
The place filled by the brightness of metals,
and the glassy furnitures which carries out diffused reflection of it.
The rain of light falls from nowhere in this place,
the pattern of various lights ornament the surface layer,
and it produces phenomenological space.
This project is planned in the open space front of a ferry terminal.
Large and small land arts are exhibited in this place. 
This architecture is artificial forest, is the open art museum,
and will serve as a very symbolic new place for a city.


_There are so many small spaces like a “Japanese tea room” in the vast environment.



_concept image
reference : “Interior with a mother delousing her child’s hair, known as ‘A mother’s duty’.” by Pieter de Hooch



_shadow and light

_metals of various proportions

_hollow looks like a dish

_forest and structure

_hollow and shadow

_glassy chair and reflection of metal #01

_glassy chair and reflection of metal #02



Diploma project / master of architecture
subject : being consciousness of the space by optical methodology
model scale : 1:50
designer : Yuki Takayama / akanedou









  1. Akanedou, these spaces are incredibly beautiful!
    I think of a pure landscape of snow, tall winter trees and blocks of frozen ice.
    A perfect space for art, and the light is incredible.

    • Thank you very much, Karen!! I’m so happy you praise my work.
      Your association is wonderful. Because this is the construction for the city of a heavy snowfall area. I wanted to bring brightness and colors to a white city like the golden ornaments sprinkled over the old town in Europe.

  2. eyes Of Odysseus

    So interesting!

  3. 透明感のある不思議な空間ですね。この発想で自由な建築が設計できたら楽しいですね。

    • ありがとうございます。

  4. These are breathtaking beautiful. I see what you mean about small places/spaces within the larger framework or environment. In Philadelphia we have a Japanese Tea-house sitting within the Philadelphia Art Museum – a little eastern jewel of serenity within a large busy eclectic building.

    • Thank you very much, Nanina!! Yes, that’s exactly right. I’m very glad you know “Japanese Tea house”, and I appreciate your understanding. At first glance, the architecture is small scale, but it is deep space beyond numerical value.
      The Philadelphia Art Museum is great! I’d like to visit this museum. Many thanks!

  5. What you do is simply amazing and inspiring !

  6. All beautiful, but I especially like your “forest and structure” image which unifies man-made and natural elements with space, shadow and light.

  7. Wow! I’d like to be there, even for just a few moments… hello, have a good week. 😉

  8. takeuchi

    my favorite phot is diploma project ummm… so its nice!!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my page. These are beautiful photos. I may have to retire my iPhone and puchase one of those fancy cameras!

  10. Very nice art work. Just the sequence or the photos not well link among the other… are there related that chain up a story?

    • Thank you for your comment, Chorwin!
      I’m sorry…Have you said the relationship of this concept image and the others sequences? Or is it the relationship of one scene and the others scene?

      • Relationship of one scene to the other scene.
        The last 2 photos with the ice cube look like not relate to the pole & shadow

      • Thank you for explanation.
        Since this project is a large-scale architectural landscape, each scenes are included in one plan. These ice blocks are transparent furnitures arranged in this space. The reflected light of metal plate which is in the first image carries out diffused reflection in the glassy chair of 40x40x40(cm3), and the chair releases brightness…In the Japanese tea-house, such a trifling change of space is a very important factor in order to produce grace and profundity at the place. Be able to say the same thing, the golden ornaments that are arranged here and there of the old city in Europe. Since I wanted to emphasize the importance of this small brightness, I did the frame-out of the other structure intentionally. Therefore, I can understand and sympathize your question very well…I should have prepared the scene which caught the whole. I thought I want to realize the space like a Japanese tea-house by using the method which is not bound by the conventional style of buildings.
        Because of my poor English, possibly my real intention did not conveyed to you. Please forgive me. However I’m very glad to communicate in English with you!

  11. Your blog and photos is amazing artwork! I am proud to have your – like! Thank you!

    • Thank you so much!! Your praise makes me happy!
      I think that your blog is great…Especially, your viewpoint is very wonderful! Have a nice day, ddivna!

  12. Thanks for liking my sushi/sashimi post! I really like your concept, especially the “rain of light falling from nowhere.”

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Anne. I’m really glad you sympathize with my concept. I focus on various effects which lights bring about.

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