primitive scene


_forest in Shiretoko peninsula #01


_forest in Shiretoko peninsula #02


_Oshinkoshin falls #01


_Oshinkoshin falls #02


_sky and mountains


_deer int the grassy place


_a deer in the grassy place


_a sea eagle and a precipitous cliff


_pteridophyte facing the sea





object : scene of Shiretoko / 知床の風景
site : Shiretoko peninsula in Hokkaido / 43°56′N 144°57′E
date : 2012/08/18
photographs by akanedou
























  1. I LOVE all of them, but especially the first. The textures in it are amazing.

  2. hey, that’s a lush forest with cute fauna, ahaha. you rendered them so well in black and white… have a good weekend ahead 😉

    • Thank you, San. The deer were so cute! Since they appeared only in the limited time zone, I was so lucky to be able to encounter them in the wild. You too!

  3. hello, Yuki… they’re the dotted kind, ‘no? forgive me, but i didn’t even know before that there are wild deers in Japan. ahaha, yes, you’re lucky .. i like the second photo – how your cam captured the lights in between the branches of the trees and as Dieu said, your pics have textures. at times, i do wonder how you get those shots, in those angles. most of them are rather artistic – they are not speaking lines but they’re full of drama, haha. ^^ regards to you… 😉

    • Hello, San. Thank you for your comment!
      No problem. Yes, they have white spots and are called “Yezo sika” in Japan. They are endemic species in Hokkaido and are the subspecies of Japanese deer. Besides deer, I also encountered squirrels and foxes of wildness during this travel. Unfortunately a bear didn’t appear before me…ahaha.
      I think the important point is the combination of the state of ambient light and the texture of objects (unevenness and shade). For example, although I may be able to take a interesting photo of nature with rich gradation, it is difficult for me to take a pure white or deep black sphere attractively. And the other important point is the combination of shutter speed and depth of field. If it is an object which I’m pleased with, I’ll take photographs changing composition and camera settings over and over…These are one of 3,000 shots!

      • oh, i love how you explained everything… i am the perfect idiot when it comes to cameras, haha. can’t even hold one properly – don’t ask me about angles and lighting, dear, so you won’t get frustrated. since i am a camera idiot, i try (hard) to write the photographic way, hehe.

        i do not know the first thing about shutter speed and depth of field. but i would like to believe that i know an excellent photo when i see one, the very reason why i come over here often… your pics are excellent! 3, 000 shots? oh, no! you are not a perfectionist, no… 😉 happy weekend, Yuki 🙂

  4. Feels so peaceful! You captured the environment beautifully!

  5. Gorgeous stuff. Nice snapshots. 🙂

  6. ajaytao2010

    Your pic are absolutely beautiful

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