vicissitude of water


Is a “Black and White photographs” visible to the image consisting of white and black truly?
Is it appropriate to develop by 0% of chroma saturation in order to express the white flowing water and a black rock surface, the temperature of space?
It is so difficult to choose a suitable white balance, and it is beyond my capacities…Regrettably my eyes can perform only relative judgment. Probably, a higher level processing is needed in order to realize it.
I would like to aim at the “Black and White photographs” that is not 0% of chroma saturation.

vicissitude of water_B&W#01_3

_vicissitude of water #01



vicissitude of water_B&W#02_4

_vicissitude of water #02



vicissitude of water_B&W#03_5

_vicissitude of water #03



vicissitude of water_B&W#04_4

_vicissitude of water #04





object : waterfall
site : waterfall of Marugami in Japan
date : 2013.03.02
photographs by akanedou
























  1. settleandchase

    Stunning! I agree, these have sound and words to them..

  2. Very nice. Elegant assymetry.

  3. As always, awesome!!

  4. Hello! Thanks for liking my post…you have wonderful images on your site. I think you found a good balance of contrast in this set. There are many interesting abstract shapes happening, especially in the first two photos.

    • Hello! I thank you, too! It’s very hard for me to decide what brightness control. So I’m really glad you say that. Yes, modeling of water is artistic.

  5. The last photo is particularly impressive.

  6. Patricia Coelho

    Absolutely stunning!

  7. The white got softness of water that flows
    ice was a water frozen though
    mountains are solid
    never melts away
    but trickling droplets does take away
    pieces of stone fragmented in flow
    I love the spring that always has a glow
    black and white photos are enjoyable I think
    brings out the best, in reality very distinct
    good pictures lovely post :))

    • Thank you so much for a beautiful prose. I could vividly remember the state of air, sound, and light at that time thanks to you. I choose a black and white photograph when there is a important message to tell more than colors or a touch of reality…In this case, a ringing coldness and just a little warmth of the beginning of spring.

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