gleam of lake_03



_small elements












subject : gleam of lake
site : lake of Sayama in Japan
date : 2013.03.13
photographs by akanedou
























  1. wow … great shots! very pretty!

  2. Gorgeous clouds in that last one. Beautiful series!

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  4. Very beautiful, as always. So much talent.

  5. 1annecasey


  6. Excellent images! The shoreline in the second one is probably my favorite part: the images themselves are hauntingly beautiful, and those rocks lurking beneath the surface and the twigs emerging from the smooth water emphasize that feel.
    Thanks for sharing these photos with the world, and checking out my recent post 😀

    • Thank you very much for your comment and visiting my page! I appreciate your clear and nice words….Since I had difficulty in developing this photograph, I’m really glad you praise.
      You’re welcome, Lee-Ann! Have a nice day!

  7. Superb, I guess you spent a lot of time station there.

  8. ajaytao2010


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