object : structure and forest
site : surrounding
date : 2013.05.02,03
photographs by akanedou
























  1. Wow, terrific photos. What is that thing?

    • I’m sorry for late reply, Mike…Thank you so much for your praise! This structure is a driving range.

      • Ah, a driving range. Thanks for the information. 🙂 The driving range not far from our house could use some netting like that. Some people still hit the balls out onto the street.

      • Now I see. Oh…it is hazardous situation. Actually, I took these photographs from the window of my room. So these are everyday scenery for me.

  2. Love the structure contrasting the softness of the sky. lovely.

  3. These are lovely photos.

  4. 一枚目はゴルフ練習場でしょうか。写真の撮り方によってアートになりますね。

    • 返信が遅くなってしまって申し訳ありません。コメントありがとうございます。一枚目はゴルフの打ちっぱなし場です。実はこの二枚とも私の部屋から撮影されたものなんです。

  5. kuujinbo

    Very nice. I love how you made a beautiful photo out of a common scene in Japan (the driving range).

  6. Patricia Coelho

    Fascinating work!

  7. 1annecasey

    Great photos – particularly love the structure image.

  8. An ethereal structure. A cocoon for humans, maybe? : )

    • Good evening, Karen. I’m sorry for late reply…Thank you so much for your nice words! Yes, this cocoon is used for golf practice. These scene viewed from the window of my room.

  9. Such lovely hues of color in these great photos! Thanks for visiting my blog.

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