a mountain plant




_a mountain plant and small starlights




_a mountain plant #01




_details #01




_details #02




_a mountain plant #02





object : a mountain plant
site : Okutama in Tokyo
date : 2013.05.08
photographs by akanedou























  1. Wow! Awesome!!! These shots are peaceful and serene, yet lonely and mysterious too. Great!

  2. Very nicely done. Love those delicate starlights.
    The main buildings are so strong and industrial, yet all the details of the surroundings structures give it a sense lightness and elegance. Beautiful images!

    • Thank you so much, Karen! “a sense lightness”…Yes, that plant was strong and delicate just like a stage actor. And, the distance of me and the plant also reminded me it.

  3. kuujinbo

    Very nice. I think you made a great decision to take these shots a night, versus a different time during the day.

  4. 1annecasey

    Interesting shapes and lighting. That last image is really wonderful!

  5. 奥多摩にこんな雰囲気の工場があるんですね。何を作っているか気になるところです。

    • 返信が遅れてしまってすみませんでした。長らくこちらのブログはお休みしていましたが、そろそろ再開しようかと思ってます。

      • お久しぶりです。そんな事業所が夜稼働してるなんて不思議ですね。

      • お久しぶりです!ご返信ありがとうございます。実は工場の足下の暗闇から撮影していたので、途中で消灯されてしまってかなり焦りました。

  6. whoa!! must be a very massive place

  7. wow! another one of your lovely series… 🙂 i haven’t been around lately, my apologies. hope things are well. 🙂

  8. settleandchase

    Really love how you capture these small pieces of light..these particularly are really fascinating! Thanks for passing by my blog and reminding me how much I love yours!

    • I’m really glad you said that…Thank you so much! There are fine twinkling and dazzling light of the plant here. I think that this mountain is not able to sleep even if night comes on.
      I love your works too! They are lyrical, poetic, clear and beautiful…And your blogs is one of the most favorite blogs of mine.

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