_fresh green and rock wall




_moss and rock wall




_sacred space






object : Kanotoiwa in the rain
site : Hinohara-village Tokyo Japan
date : 2014.03.09
photographs by akanedou























  1. Good to see you again.

  2. I have just returned from the far north west of Scotland where I am sure you would find many sacred spaces that would remind you of home. Flowing water, rocks, a very particular colour of green. All transport us to a place of deep calm inside our self.

    • Thank you so much for your nice comment! This canyon is made from the chart belonging to the Jurassic period. So this place is filled with calm and the energy of ancient times.
      I would like to look at the beautiful nature of Scotland and Iceland…Just the thought of seeing the scenery makes me feel excited!

  3. LOOK!!! Who’s back!!!! It’s been a while, eh?
    I hope everything is ok.

    I like the first one.

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