form (a+b+c+d)




form (a)



form (b)



form (c)



form (d)






object : forms of a waterfall
site : Okutama-chou Tokyo Japan
date : 2014.04.13
photographs by akanedou























  1. 怒涛の更新、密かに待ちわびていました。やはりセンス良いですね!

    • おぉ、とても嬉しいコメントありがとうございます!もう忘れ去られていると思っていたので…。とんでもないお久しぶり過ぎるお久しぶりになってしまいました。すずめさんもいつの間にかニューアイコン。

  2. There is an static energy in these ones that I love. Whimsical.

    • Thank you! I see, these photographs may be grasped as visualized static energy. Momentary forms of waterfalls are whimsical and attractive! Whimsical form, unpredictable, image of transition…I associate these words with your works that I love.

  3. A tiny glimpse of fully alive forms. gorgeous.

    • Thank you, Karen! I think that waterfalls are wonderful entertainer…They are not only musicians but also dancers.
      By the way, your blog of new design and new icon are so beautiful. I’m very glad to be able to see your works in larger size.

  4. You’re a master at abstracting forms – these are gorgeous, as was already said.

  5. Great abstracting forms!!!
    Your photos remind me of chemical properties.

  6. お久しぶりです。訪問ありがとうございます。

    • お久しぶりです。長い間更新していなかったので、色々と勝手が分からず苦労しました。

  7. settleandchase

    LIfe erupting..power dancing!

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